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Analyse is better than analyze, but merely as being the one of the two equally indefensible forms that has won. The correct but now impossible form would be analysize or analysise, with analysist for existing analyst. c.1600, to" dissect, from French analyser, from analyse see analysis.
Analyse vs. analyze Grammarist.
There are no other differences between analyze and analyse. The s / z distinction extends to the participles, analyse / analyze and analysing / analyzing, as well as to other derivatives such as analyser / analyzer and analysable / analyzable, but analysis is the corresponding noun in all varieties of English.
analyze, analyse Search for entries starting with A Writing Tips TERMIUM Plus Translation Bureau.
The spellings analyze and analyse are both used by Canadian writers. However, there is a growing trend among Canadians to choose the ending yze for such words as analyze, catalyze, dialyze and paralyze. Analyze or Analyse your reasons before rejecting Oliviers proposal.
analyse Definition of analyse in English by Oxford Dictionaries.
I don't' analyse visitor statistics in detail, just a one line summary each day, so I've' no way of telling who was the two-millionth visitor. I think of it, instead, as trying to help them articulate their ideas, analyze the material, explain what they think.
analyse définition dans le dictionnaire Anglais de Cambridge.
Researchers analysed the purchases of 6300 households. analyse data/results/information Management requires enthusiasm and intuition rather than merely an ability to analyze data and invent strategies. analyse a problem/issue We need to look at what went wrong, analyze the problem, and come up with a solution.
analyze / analyse WordReference Forums.
On the other hand, English dictionaries normally reject notions of correctness and incorrectness in favour of usage and such is the influence of American English that analyze can be found in the UK and elsewhere. English teachers around the world insist oon consistency, so the basic rule is: if you're' using ize for your verbs then use analyze' if you use ise, then stick to analyse.
Analyse or Analyze: Whats the Difference? Writing Explained.
It is a verb, and can be used in all the same contexts as analyse. You can see in the following graphs that analyse is much more common in British English, whereas analyze is much more widely used in American English.
Analyse definition of analyse by The Free Dictionary.
analyse break down into components or essential features; analyze" today's' financial market." factor analyse, factor analyze to perform a factor analysis of correlational data. analyse make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of; break down into components or essential features; analyze" a specimen" analyze" a sentence" analyze" a chemical compound."

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