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Analyzing Tables Hortonworks Data Platform.
When working with data in S3, ADLS or WASB, the steps for analyzing tables are the same as when working with data in HDFS. Table statistics can be gathered automatically by setting hive.stats.autogathertrue or by running analyze table test compute statistics command.
ANALYZE TABLE MariaDB Knowledge Base.
update all engine-independent statistics for all columns and indexes ANALYZE TABLE tbl PERSISTENT FOR ALL; update specific columns and indexes: ANALYZE TABLE tbl PERSISTENT FOR COLUMNS col1, col2, INDEXES idx1, idx2, empty lists are allowed: ANALYZE TABLE tbl PERSISTENT FOR COLUMNS col1, col2, INDEXES; ANALYZE TABLE tbl PERSISTENT FOR COLUMNS INDEXES idx1, idx2, the following will only update mysql.table_stat fields: ANALYZE TABLE tbl PERSISTENT FOR COLUMNS INDEXES; with use_stat_tables!
PostgreSQL: Documentation: 9.3: ANALYZE.
If that table is rarely inserted into or updated, the inheritance statistics will not be up to date unless you run ANALYZE manually. If the table being analyzed is completely empty, ANALYZE will not record new statistics for that table.
Documentation PostgreSQL 8.1.23 Référence Commandes SQL ANALYZE. ANALYZE Collecter les statistiques d'une' base de données. ANALYZE VERBOSE table colonne., ANALYZE collecte des statistiques sur le contenu des tables de la base de données et stocke les résultats dans la table système pg_statistic.
Beginning with MySQL 5.1.27, this is displayed in the output of OPTIMIZE TABLE when you run it on an InnoDB table, as shown here.: mysql OPTIMIZE TABLE foo; Table Op Msg_type Msg_text optimize note Table does not support optimize, doing recreate analyze instead optimize status OK.
Oracle will collect statistic on the number of rows, the number of empty data blocks, the number of blocks below the high water mark, the average data block free space, the average row length, and the number of chained rows in a table when the Oracle ANALYZE TABLE command is performed.:
Analyzing Tables, Indexes, and Clusters.
After a CHAINED_ROWS table is created, you specify it in the INTO clause of the ANALYZE statement. For example, the following statement inserts rows containing information about the chained rows in the emp_dept cluster into the CHAINED_ROWS table.: ANALYZE CLUSTER emp_dept LIST CHAINED ROWS INTO CHAINED_ROWS.;
ANALYZE TABLE Oracle Database Administration: The Essential Refe Book.
An example of the ANALYZE TABLE command is shown here.: ANALYZE TABLE scott.emp COMPUTE STATISTICS FOR TABLE.; When you analyze a table, Oracle populates the following columns in the DBA_TABLES, ALL_TABLES, and USER_TABLES data dictionary views.: The number of rows in the table.

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